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Why EVERYONE should read "Fighting For Life" By: Lila Rose

In society, I also feel like young girls are being told (or even demanded) to believe:

  • “You don’t need a husband or a boyfriend”

  • “You are perfect the way you are”

  • “You don’t need a baby! Your work is your baby”

Young girls my age also feel pressured to look up to or submit to places like the Feminist movement, which openly advocates for the basic romanticization of bragging about Abortion, supporting gun control, socialism, communism, marxism, atheism, the hatred towards masculinity, and unhappiness.

As a young girl, I felt a little uncomfortable looking up to certain individuals that (I guess) are more controversial, but I never really shied away from being a follower, because I wanted to be a leader.

Have you ever heard of the incredible story of Mary, the incredible and fearless and beautiful mother of Jesus? (Because, although all Christians- and even Muslims as well) look up and respect Mary as the mother of Jesus, do you actually know the basic story of hers?

Well, an angel had appeared to her, telling her she was, “full of grace” and that she would bear and be the mother of the Son of God.

And, given the basic burdens and pressures of bearing a child, Mary could have very well protested, being unmarried and pregnant of course, she risked certain scorn and even the possible exile from her own community. Instead, Mary took on bearing and being the mother of the Son of God.

Have you ever also heard the story of Esther? Well, Esther was basically the beautiful Jewish wife of the Persian King Ahasuerus (Xeres I) and her cousin Mordecai persuade the king to retract an order for the general annihilation of Jews throughout the empire. The massacre had been plotted by the king's chief minister, Haman, and the date decided by casting lots (purim). Esther risked her life to try and save the Jewish people from destruction, and she truly sacrificed everything.

I love strong, passionate, driven, God loving, intelligent, and freethinkers.

I absolutely LOVE Lila Rose, and have been a fan of hers for quite some time.

I respect Lila Rose’s fearless compassion and love towards defending life and the unborn, and I love her passion and love towards Christ and the Bible.

I learned a lot from Lila while reading this book.

She is a strong, god loving, fearless and intelligent person who works extremely hard at defending life and I respect her for that.

This book tells Lila’s story, from starting her own organization at a very young age, to being wanted by Planned Parenthood, Lila has a lot of nerve to do what she believes in, and she has definitely inspired me to do the same, and I think that if you read this book as well, it will inspire you to do the same as well.

Most people do not want to get involved… (some people are even scared).

Growing up, I knew I wanted to make a difference in my community, but I just wasn’t sure how to do that yet.

I always had a strong relationship with God, and I was taught by my parents that God gives a purpose and a gift to everyone on Earth. (There is always a reason for living).

Growing up, I was never a Liberal, Leftist, or a Democrat.

But, I did grow up in very Liberal parts of the country, so I was constantly on the frontlines.

I always loved politics since the age of 12, and so, during the 2016 presidential election, I got very involved.

I had a history teacher who constantly made comments about Trump in class.

All of my peers around me were very unpatriotic and hated America and what it stood for… my peers saw America as a “racist police state” and they believed that Republicans were the party of white supremacy.

I was taught in school a very skewed, pessimistic side of history.

I was taught that Abraham Lincoln was a racist white supremacist, and that Republicans founded the KKK and Jim Crow, (when, it was actually the opposite).

I went home one day from school, and I had a very powerful conversation with my parents. My parents asked me at dinner what I learned at school that day, and I remember telling them that I learned about the election.

They sighed, and asked what I had learned, and I told them that I learned that Donald Trump was a racist white supremacist and terrorist symphatizer.

My parents looked mortified, and they just stared at me for a few minutes.

My mom then said, “you need to look at both sides, we will not share our beliefs with you, you have to learn that on your own”.

So, (after dinner), I found a political quiz that tells you where you side politically, and I got the results back and found that I was a Conservative.

So, I did more research. I would spend about an hour watching CNN and then an hour watching Fox News. Then, I would watch and read other Liberal and Conservative outlets.

It wasn’t until later on that my parents told me where they sided politically.

I figured out my beliefs on my own by looking at both sides.

Then, in school, we did a mock election. Most of my classmates voted for Hillary Clinton, and I voted for Donald Trump.

My history teacher read out the anonymous votes… he was smiling when he read all of the Hilary votes but then looked furiously red when he read my Trump vote.

He asked furiously (almost yelling) “who voted for him?!” (Trump).

We waited for what seemed like forever until I raised my hand.

He looked furious and shocked that I, (a young woman) wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

He asked me why I voted for Trump, so I gave him my reasons.

Then he said, “but Hillary Clinton has so much experience and she would be the first woman president?!”

I looked at him and respectfully said, “sir, she may have experience, but it’s bad experience”.

I was insulted he would even generalize and think that I would just vote for Hillary because she and I had the same gender.

Women can think for themselves.

Students in the classroom then PHYSICALLY moved their chairs away from me. That day, word spread around the entire school that I voted for Trump.

I was called awful names and lost all of my friends, and I stood alone.

So, I related to the chapter about preparing to stand alone, and that’s what I did and that is what I did and it is what I continue to do.

I would never ever compromise my beliefs, especially since I believe that I have a country to save.

I also related a lot to the chapter about exposing evil.

Growing up, I knew many Jewish people.

I loved Jewish culture and Judaism, and I saw so many disgusting and evil things waged towards my Jewish friends on a daily basis.

On my former college campus, the antisemitism and pure hatred towards the Jewish community and Israel was on another level of disgusting.

One of my best friends that I met through Mock UN would take me to synagogue every weekend and I would go over to her house for Shabbat dinner.

Both of her parents were Israeli, and they served in the IDF, so I always found their combat boots in the entrance of their home.

Whenever I would go over to her house, her parents always called me “their daughter from another religion”. I was a devout Christian, but I never talked about my faith to my Jewish friends unless they asked me questions.

I always had an immense amount of respect for the Jewish community, (even as a little kid).

But growing up, I noticed that many non-Jewish people weren’t really standing up for the Jewish community, and I wanted to do something about it.

I also basically looked around me and saw so many people my age who hated America, they believed that Freedom of Speech was dangerous, people around me were also very very nihilistic and pessimistic, and they also believed that it is basically “morally acceptable” to abort a baby at any point during the woman's pregnancy.

So, I wanted to try and do something about it. I got involved with many organizations in High School and at my University, and started going to Republican meetings in my state and county, and I also started door knocking, registering people to vote as well, and I also tried to meet and empower voters in my area.

I also think that it’s incredibly important to try and teach and uplift a culture of life, and to help pregnant women choose life as well.

Everyone should read this book.

As an (almost) victim of abortion, I believe that absolutely should read this book and should get more involved with making a change in their communities as well as the country as well.

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