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There is still hope for America

Practically every other day, I get messages from people on my social media accounts expressing their concerns to me about America…

Many of you message me privately saying that you are concerned about the future of America… You tell me that you feel hopeless for the future, and that you are scared.

I received a message a few weeks ago though that personally worried me.

This was a message from a young woman who was my age, who lived in a completely different state than me. (While I will try my best to protect her identity, here is what some of her long message read):

“Hi Kyra,

I really appreciate what you do, but I am very nervous, and I feel almost hopeless. I’m a young conservative like you, attending (college name), but it is extremely leftist.

Lately, I have been feeling more and more nervous around my friends. They are very liberal, and they constantly talk about politics. They normally give the usual liberal talking points. I am nervous to be more vocal about my beliefs, and I am scared that I will lose all of my friends, and I am worried about losing my job. I haven’t left my bed in about a week because I am scared of what may happen if I become more vocal about my political beliefs.

Do you have any advice for me? Thank you for everything you do Kyra”.

The thing that personally made me the most sad was that she told me how nervous she was about becoming more vocal, and that she hasn’t left her bed in about a week.

I have been in this situation before, so I empathize with this girl, and I know what this feels like.

I also receive a lot of Private Direct Messages from other people, (whether they are my age or older), who ask me this question which honestly breaks my heart, and that question is, “will I be okay if I speak out?”

The answer is, that I’m honestly not sure, I can’t tell you for sure. (But, people often get offended by everything nowadays, but what I will tell you is that if you do continue to stay silent, it may be too late, and we may lose our country).

The left will try to use their resources against you, (they have used their resources against me practically every single day since I have become more vocal about my beliefs. I have been picked apart left and right, and A LOT OF PEOPLE have tried to tear me down, but I am still here).

Sometimes things won’t work out, and sometimes they will, but sometimes there are just risks that you need to take.

I still have hope for America.

I still believe in American Exceptionalism, and I still believe in the American Dream.

If I didn’t feel hopeful for America, I probably wouldn’t get up in the morning.

The truth is, I am hopeful for America’s future because the Left knows that they are losing.

The Left has never really had to work this hard before.

The Left is really trying to implement censorship and Critical Race Theory into African American’s minds because they want to continually try and control African American’s thoughts on race, and they also want to train African Americans to be fixated and focused on race.

I (respectfully) don’t really even remember the Left working this hard while Former President Obama was in office… (Sure, we had Former President Obama try to use fear mongering tactics about police brutality and gun violence, but I don’t remember the Left working this hard personally and respectfully).

Growing up during former President Obama’s term in office, I don’t remember the Left working this hard because I was trained to just believe that Former President Obama was “fantastic” and “amazing”.

And, I am optimistic for America’s future, because even though Former President Trump was cheated and abused viciously, he actually woke a lot of people up.

He got a pretty good fair amount of minority voters to realize that Democratic policies have never worked for them, and they have “woken” up to realize the viciously biased narratives, and Former President Trump has also gotten a lot of African American voters to vote for him.

Former President Trump is the best thing to have happened to the Republican Party, and he has gotten people to stop reading the news headlines, (and to instead), become free thinkers.

I know it’s scary to be more vocal about beliefs that don’t necessarily toe the American popularity spectrum, but you can do it because I believe that everyone reading this is an individual person who’s designed by God with individual likes, wants and dreams. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and you are made for a purpose, rather than being controlled by the mob.

And, if you are losing friends, they weren’t your true friends in the first place. (The trash took itself out I guess).

You can do this.

I believe in you.

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