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The truth about self defense...

One of the first things we learn about in school (or in an International Relations or International Studies class) is about sovereignty, (or classifying or drawing a line of territory and declaring it as a country or territory, or body of water).

But, out of approximately 197 countries, the country that people have the issue with the most is Israel. Why?

Well, (for example), in a video that was made by Dennis Prager on Prager U, he uses this basic example:

“Imagine a group of people who work to destroy Italy because they claim that Italy’s origins are illegitimate”.

Also, imagine that out of ALL the countries in the world, this hateful group of people claim that ONLY ITALY doesn’t deserve to exist. (But, this same group of people claim that at the same time, they aren’t anti-Italian.

Now, substitute Italy for Israel. Anti-zionists claim they aren’t anti-semitic, yet they deny Israel’s right to existence.

They claim they aren’t anti-semitic, yet they really seem to have a problem with zionism (or the movement that advocates for the return of Jews to their historic homeland).

There are also an approximate 22 Arab countries in the world. All of these countries probably ALSO use self defense tactics, (but you probably don’t hear about it in the news), but yet people seem to have a huge problem with Israel defending itself? Why?

(For your information, if you have a problem with Israel using self defense, maybe don’t attack Israel in the first place).

If you came into my house and tried to harm me (or my family for that manner), then I would defend myself.

Israel should ABSOLUTELY have the right to defend themselves, just like any country.

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