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The Real Pandemic Isn't COVID-19. It's Human Trafficking.

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The media has put much time and effort into convincing the American people that Covid-19 is a pandemic. The only pandemic we should concern ourselves with. I disagree with anyone who says the Coronavirus is the real pandemic, because it’s not true. The real pandemic isn’t Covid-19, it’s human trafficking. I know there are those who say “Covid-19 is a disease, therefore a pandemic. Human trafficking isn’t a disease.” Again, I disagree. Human trafficking is a disease on society, impacting those who are most vulnerable. Impacting many of our most vulnerable. For some reason, the media (and most Americans) feel this is not worth the discussion nor attention.

Before I continue, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Hannah, and I’m the founder of the blog, Young Patriot Rising. Kyra and I spoke over Telegram, and we decided to do some guest articles! I created my blog for one simple reason: to prevent the loss of this great nation by educating others about important current events and current political topics. Subscribe to my blog to stay updated, and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Enough about me. Back to the article.

For the last year, we have heard personas on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and other major networks tell us the horrors of Covid-19. We also read articles from major news sites stating the same, such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, and more. In regards to Covid, there is way too much hype surrounding it. I understand if you’re elderly/at-risk, then yes, you should be concerned. Majority of the population, however, is safe. Human trafficking affects society more than people know.

During the pandemic, human trafficking was one of the topics ignored, despite it increasing during Covid-19. Because people were stuck at home, many cases of human trafficking were able to get under the radar. Human trafficking, if you didn’t know, is the second largest money making industry, behind drug trafficking. Human trafficking is the “fastest growing criminal enterprise, estimated at a value of $32 billion a year globally” (per the U.S. Department of Justice). An estimation between 18,000 to 20,000 are trafficked into the U.S. per year. The human trafficking industry severely impacts women and children (70% make up the victims, 90% being trafficked into the sex industry). How come we never hear the media discussing these facts? It’s almost as if they’re prioritizing less important topics for the sake of politics!

If Donald Trump had my support on one thing, it was how he fought human trafficking. No president in recent history had done what President Trump did in fighting human trafficking and protecting/helping the victims. The current administration hasn’t done anything to fight human trafficking.

If the media wants to focus on Covid-19, it should focus on how human trafficking increases during pandemics. People are desperate to feed their families, pay rent, and be able to make ends’ meet. Women specifically are in a vulnerable place, and human traffickers take advantage. Also, with people having more time online, predators can find those who are vulnerable to get with them. The lockdowns helped human traffickers and abusers conduct their abuse. You want to have an important discussion regarding Covid-19? Talk about what human trafficking is like during a pandemic. Tim Ballard said it perfectly: “What’s scarier to you: A virus with a survivability rate of over 99%, or hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of children being raped?”

The reason I am passionate about this is because there isn’t enough discussion about human trafficking or pedophilia. It’s a terrible crime happening, and no one seems to be aware of this. My home state of Florida has the third highest human trafficking rate, behind Texas (who is second) and California (who’s number one). We need to be aware of these crimes to 1) prevent it from happening to ourselves, and 2) help those who might need it. Don’t believe the hype from the media. While it’s important to stay updated on it, Covid-19 is NOT the real pandemic we should be focused on, it’s human trafficking. We must have more dialogue regarding this topic. I know it’s uncomfortable to talk about, but if we don’t, it will never end. Considering how the Left focuses on female empowerment and women's history month, why haven't they discussed all of what I've mentioned??? End human trafficking.

Hope you liked this article. Thanks to Kyra for letting me do this article! Leave a comment!

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