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So now we're cancelling books? #SundayThoughts

First, Dr. Seuss.

Second, Shakespeare.

And now, (just recently), we are LIVING in a world where if you read a controversial book, you may lose everything, (including your reputation).

Winston Marshall made the “mistake”, and recently took a picture of him reading Andy Ngo’s book, “UNMASKED: Inside ANTIFA’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy”... and the Left went CRAZY on Twitter because *OH NO* he dared to compliment a Conservative Journalist!

So, what did Winston Marshall do? He caved to the mob and released an apology, noting that he was basically “terribly sorry for the pain in which he caused people for the painful book he endorsed”.

The reason why this is so hypocritical and contradictory to me is because the Left was SO QUICK to denounce and condemn the riots that took place on January 6th, yet they are forcing Marshall to apologize for reading a book by ANTIFA, a group that supports violently attacking Conservatives or anyone who may disagree them, dismantling the law, abolishing the police or ICE, and they support banning books and words, and establishing communism, socialism and anarchy as well as violently abolishing common law too (and yes, the list could go on and on).

The left always claims that they will always condemn violence, so why are they angry towards Marshall for reading a book about a group that is the DEFINITION of VIOLENCE?!?! (Can someone maybe explain this to me, because it is just mind boggling!

The left even wants to ban Dr. Seuss due to “racist, insensitive images”. (Some Dr. Seuss books will even stop being PUBLISHED after this, (including books such as, And to Think I Saw it On Mulberry Street”, and If I Ran The Zoo, (including 4 others).

Professors in Universities are also trying to ban Shakespeare due to “misogyny and racism”.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Someone please explain to me where in history people have ever won burning or banning books or words or thought.

Can someone explain? No, you can’t because banning thought doesn’t work, and it never will.

And, as I have stated many times before, there is a huge difference between Conservatives and Liberals in both good and bad ways.

If a CONSERVATIVE doesn’t like a book, then they don’t buy it.

If a LIBERAL doesn’t like a book, they try to ban it.

If a CONSERVATIVE doesn’t like an account, tweet or post, they ignore it on a social media page.

If a LIBERAL sees something on social media that they don’t like, they try to get it banned.


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