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Here's why everyone should read Frontlines By: Isabel Brown

You often hear about College Campuses going into COMPLETE SHUTDOWNS when Universities have Conservative speakers come to speak on campus. (You also often hear about Liberal or Leftist students being OUTRAGED and wanting to immediately shut it down).

But, (what you don't hear, and what the media doesn't really ALLOW YOU to hear is what it's like for Conservative students).

As many other thousands of Conservative students bravely speaking up and countering leftist indocrtrination, I (like many) Conservative students walk this similar path each and every day, and it is incredibly difficult.

We lose friends, we lose our social reputations, and we also (sometimes) even get put into physical danger. But why? Because we believe in limited markets, capitalism, and we love America.

And, (like many Conservatives out there) I have endured this firsthand, but I didn't just endure this in College- (I endured it in High School too!)

In High School, I lost all of my friends after I was outed by a History teacher after voting in a mock presidential election where I was the only student who voted for Donald Trump (because Hillary Clinton had BAD political experience, and I did not want her to become the first female President).

In College, I was hazed and relentlessly bullied and targeted by a few girls in my former sorority before I had to drop out.

In College, when a group I was affiliated with tried to host a Holocaust Survivor as a speaker on Campus, we tried to invite College Democrats to our event but (somehow), they found out that the speaker was Pro-Life, and they wanted absolutely nothing to do with the event.

It is not easy being Conservative in the U.S. Education system today, but I am so happy and glad that Isabel wrote this book, because it has given me and many other Conservative students a voice. It has given us a microphone when oftentimes, that microphone is yanked away from us on a daily basis.

Thank you Isabel for writing this book, and thank you also for being born. Isabel is a role model to me, and she inspires me on the daily to keep going and to keep fighting.

And thank you TPUSA for giving me a voice and for making me feel empowered when I honestly felt like I didn’t have a voice.

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