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Freedom is fabulous: Why you should never take it for granted #SundayThoughts

Many Americans across the country on a daily basis address their hatred for living in this country... A Gallup poll in 2019 even stated that American pride is at an all time low, with 45% of Americans are extremely proud to live in the United States, while 22% express great amounts of hatred to live in the United States.

Growing up, I was always interested learning about new cultures. My ancestors came to this country fleeing Russia before Communism became a basic all time high... (I also have family members who have fled socialism in France and Fascism in Germany, so no Socialism and Communism, and fascism are evil ideologies and they do not work whatsoever). I have also met many people online who have messaged me expressing their love for the United States while the country they lived in taught them and basically brainwashed them to hate the United States and that we are the enemy, or the evil of the world...

But, I have messaged many people who have lived in regimes around the world who wish they could live in America, but they are too scared to even have their own thoughts (so to protect their lives, I will not say the countries they are from, but I am so beyond grateful that I have had conversations like these, because it makes me prouder to be an American each and everyday and it also teaches me to be grateful and to never take living in this country for granted).

In America, we don't realize how grateful we are to live here. As I have stated before, I grew up fascinated about other cultures, but some of the things that I learned from other countries with stricter laws on the state, government, and the strict regulatory power that they hold over their citizens.

While some Americans basically talk about their hatred for the U.S. on the daily or claim that Capitalism is evil or that Americans are a bunch evil colonialists, I am grateful and I thank my lucky stars to live in the greatest nation on the face of the planet. America is the last known beacon of freedom on earth. You have many people around the world fighting or protesting for basic human rights, while some Americans are hating on America taking their freedoms for granted (unfortunately).

Never take your freedoms for granted. I already feel like I have won the lottery being born in this country and you should feel the same way too.

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