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Change my mind: Why you should stop telling me that I'm "brainwashed"

Growing up, my family was never really super political.

Instead, as a young girl I remember watching Presidential/Vice Presidential debates, and my parents never really talked about politics, (even during elections).

Even when I asked my parents about political subjects, when I was up to the age of 12, my parents would never answer respectfully, and instead they would tell me, "do your research".

That was when I began to blossom into the political world... and, it also wasn't until I found different political quizzes, and that was when I found out that I was the big bad bad word known in society today as "Conservative".

The truth is, is that when I was little, I honestly didn't really even know my parents political affiliations. Once or twice maybe during the 2012 election, they would (once in a while) talk about Romney, but I had no idea he was a Republican... (I really didn't really know what the difference WAS between a Democrat or Republican).

In my Sophomore year of High School, (and since then), I used to watch an hour of Fox and then about an hour of CNN each day so that I could do research on what was happening current events wise in our country, and I realized that (even at a young age), the news anchors and people who were featured on CNN were so angry to live in America, and I never understood why. (I also could only basically watch about an hour of CNN a day until I started to feel angry or aggressive like I was about to maybe possibly punch a wall or something).

It also was not until I became older when I finally basically find out that my parents were Republican/Conservatives, and for that I am grateful because it taught me to research things for my self.

SO... to all of the people who call me "brainwashed", then maybe you should think again.

I also really don't understand why a young women (like myself) who thinks for herself is so scary to you, (but what do I know I guess).

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